Dr. Michael Koehle

MD, PhD, Dip. Sport Med. (CASEM)
Professor, Division of Sport & Exercise Medicine & School of Kinesiology
Adjunct Professor, Department of Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Koehle graduated from the Sport & Exercise Medicine Fellowship program in 2003. He has specific expertise in endurance sports, high-altitude, scuba diving and non-musculoskeletal related issues associated with exercise. He specializes in exercise physiology, with expertise in areas such as overtraining, performance issues, altitude medicine, diving medicine and respiratory symptoms.

Dr. Koehle’s research program combines exercise and environmental physiology from basic mechanistic research to more clinical field studies in remote environments. He is the director of the Environmental Physiology Laboratory and has conducted research and practiced medicine in a variety of remote parts of the world.

Dr. Koehle’s research interests lie in the field of environmental and exercise physiology, encompassing areas such as altitude illness, exercise-induced asthma, the impact of air pollution on exercise, and high-performance sport science. His current research focuses on investigating the relationship between exercise and environmental pollution, as well as studying the impact of altered environments such as hypoxia, hyperbaria and hyperthermia. Additionally, he is actively involved in research related to the cardiorespiratory system, aiming to develop preventative measures and treatments for exercise-related illnesses and injuries.

Queen’s University, BScH, Life Sciences
University of Toronto, MSc, Physiology
University of Toronto, MD, Medicine
University of British Columbia, CCFP
University of British Columbia, Dip. Sport Med. (CASEM)
University of British Columbia, PhD, Exercise Physiology
Simon Fraser University, Postdoctoral Fellowship

Professional Highlights
Lead Physician at Whistler Olympic Park for the 2010 Olympic Games
Multiple medical and research missions with the Himalayan Rescue Association
Physician on the UBC/Kenyatta University Study of Respiratory Limitations in Elite Kenyan Runners
2014-15 Killam Teaching Prize
School of Kinesiology Professor: KIN 471 and KIN 562
Selected by the Canadian Space Agency as one of 32 shortlisted individuals in the 2017 astronaut
recruitment campaign